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Maria De Campos explores the universe of the contemporary iconic portrait, it is through a personal and innovative look that she focuses her work as a visual artist towards an urban style and street art but with a certain shift.

"Every day, creation carries me, I play with colors and shapes, I play daily with the image, in order to establish a direct link to popular artistic culture, as a kind of tribute to street artists. , to urbanites, I accumulate and stack, the elements one by one sometimes I choose, sometimes at random... what will become of the composition? a sensitive maelstrom made up of visual objects, my maelstrom."


Maria De Campos handles the art of the portrait like few, very original in the choice of these icons, she uses a very particular technique that she has been deepening for many years now, the juxtaposition of elements of culture gradually shapes a portrait which becomes a real writing, often in the frontality, the latter observes us and radiates its power of image.

This problem that the artist develops is above all a search for what we are and leads us to question ourselves through the other, through the absence, each element integrated into the icon thus takes on its meaning through our know, our popular culture, classic and unconscious, it is these details in the detail that are revealed to our eyes like a revelation and guide us in the portrait so they reassure us and bring us understanding and acceptance of the work.

The resemblance fades under the material that composes the portrait thus going towards an effect of presence...

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